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                                                                          會議通知 | 奔騰的思想之河:唐納德·沃斯特贈書儀式暨《帝國之河》申博會

                                                                          發佈者:歷史學院 發佈時間:2018-06-13 16:05:56 閱讀量:




                                                                          A Running River of Thought:

                                                                          Donald Worster’s Book Donation Ceremony and the Symposium on Rivers of Empire



                                                                          Sponsored by the Center for Ecological History

                                                                          and the School of History, RUC



                                                                          Venue: Library of the Qing Institute (B114, School of Sinology, RUC)


                                                                          Time: 9:00-18:00, 15/06/2018


                                                                          Conference Statement


                                                                           Never a follower of the mainstream, since the beginning of his academic life, Donald Worster has been determined to be a freely running river in his own natural riverbed——an academic spirit refusing any fixed labels. In the last fifty years of his career, the current of his thought has lashed out against all sorts of myths:the myth of a romantic West, of a manifest empire, of technocracy, of instrumental reason, of the conquest of nature, and of a deeply rooted anthropocentrism in history.
                                                                           From Nature’s Economy to Shrinking the Earth, his river of thought has tried to cut through intimidating academic mountain ranges and created many enchanting canyons. One after another, they urge us to shed our old obsession with the purely human scene and investigate the deeper interaction between the earth and human life. Among his many books, Rivers of Empire endeavors to connect the American quest for empire with other parts of the world and imperialism in general. Water, this basic natural elementaaaa,writes different stories for different regions. And eventually, Don’s own river of thought breaks down all the political and disciplinary barriers and converges with the whole flow of history. He seeks a new history based on the whole of planet earth and all forms of life living on it.
                                                                           “How many times do we lament the changes of the human world, while the unchanging mountains are still sitting on the cold water.” This seemingly eternal nature has indeed been changing. And its changes have shaped human history. When the river of nature is harnessed and the dream of freedom seems trapped with the river, at least for a while, we can be sure that that conquest will come to an end eventually. Meanwhile, we still have the freethinking scholar who roams over other places and other time periods and encourages us to study more deeply the history of our species in the vastness of time.


                                                                          Conference Program

                                                                          8:30-9:00 簽到(Registration)
                                                                           9:00-9:30 贈書儀式(Book donation ceremony)
                                                                           致辭:中國人民大學常務副書記 張建明
                                                                           申博院長 黃興濤
                                                                           中國人民大學教授 唐納德·沃斯特
                                                                           主持:中國人民大學生態史研究中心主任 夏明方
                                                                           翻譯:中國人民大學生態史研究中心副主任 侯深
                                                                           Opening speeches by:
                                                                           ZHANG Jianming, vice president of RUC
                                                                           HUANG Xingtao, dean of the School of History
                                                                           Donald WORSTER, professor of history, RUC
                                                                           Moderated by: XIA Mingfang, director of the CEH, RUC
                                                                           Translated by: HOU Shen, deputy director of the CEH, RUC
                                                                           9:30-9:40 合影(photograph)
                                                                           9:40-10:00 茶歇 (coffee break)
                                                                           10:00-10:40主旨發言(Keynote Speech)
                                                                           北京大學歷史學系教授 王希
                                                                           WANG Xi, professor of history, Peking University
                                                                           10:40-11:10 《帝國之河:美國西部的水、旱與成長》新書發佈(New book launch of Rivers of Empire, Chinese edition)
                                                                           致辭:譯林出版社編輯 陳銳
                                                                           《帝國之河》作者 唐納德·沃斯特
                                                                           《帝國之河》譯者 侯深
                                                                           Spakers: CHEN Rui, editor of Yilin Publisher
                                                                           Donald WORSTER, author of the book
                                                                           HOU Shen, translator of the book
                                                                           11:00-11:45 他鄉之水(Waters of Other Countries) 
                                                                           發言人:Poul HOLM, 王利華、曹牧
                                                                           Speakers: Poul HOLM, WANG Lihua, and CAO Mu
                                                                           11:45-12:30 自然之問(一)(Questions for Nature, I)
                                                                           Speakers: MEI Xueqin, SHU Jianjun, and JIA Jun
                                                                           12:30-13:30 午餐(Lunch)
                                                                           13:30-14:20 自然之問(二)(Questions for Nature, II)
                                                                           Speakers: GAO Guorong, WANG Hua, SONG Yunwen, and WANG Zanwei
                                                                           14:20-15:00 身體之際(Around human bodies and nature)
                                                                           Speakers: FU Chengshuang, ZHAO Xiurong, and CAO Zhihong
                                                                           15:00-15:20 茶歇(Coffee break)
                                                                           15:20-16:00 思想之流(Flow of ideas) 
                                                                           發言人:黃興濤、姜萌、高波 Speakers: Huang Xingtao, JIANG Meng, and GAO Bo
                                                                           16:00-16:40 跨界之思(Thinking crossing borders)
                                                                           Speakers: ZHU Hu, CAO Yin, and XIAO Lingbo
                                                                           16:40-17:20 漫談之樂(Joy of free discussion)
                                                                           Speakers: XU Haiyun, JIN Yongli, Hu Heng, GU Liwei, LIN Zhan, DU Xuanying, QIU Jingjia, WANG Wenjing, ZHANG Yibing, and all participants
                                                                           17:20-17:50 總結髮言:夏明方(Concluding remarks: XIA Mingfang)
                                                                           18:00-20:00 晚宴(Dinner)